2021/22 – The Last Leg

This is the big week for so many Housing Associations. What you don’t get exchanged this week you’re unlikely to get completed in this financial year. It all has an air of The Apprentice with everyone desperately trying to get sales in and reach targets before facing the boardroom.

So how has it been for you? Have you met your target? Are you pleased with your sales and how they were achieved this year? It’s been an interesting year for us observing how marketing continues to evolve. In spring 2020 digital marketing was forced to take centre stage having been in the wings for a while. Whilst the UK is returning to normality and face-to-face is back it’s great to see digital marketing holding its place as the go to for property sales.

We’ve had some real fun with digital marketing campaigns across the last year. From shooting video content to sell homes to producing punchy social media campaigns to generate student lets. We live in a digital world where viewers simply don’t look for longer than 25 seconds (research shows buyers will make their mind up in this time) so you’ve got to make each of those count. As you look ahead to your 2022/23 marketing campaigns ask yourself; am I standing out in a crowded market? am I grabbing attention within 25 secs? am I present and engaged on social media?

Good luck to all pushing to get those final sales in this month. We hope to catch up with many of you at various events in April/May and find out how you got on.