Aftercare – why you should care

I recently moved house. The process took four months, four months of dreaming and getting excited about moving into my new home. Completion day arrived.…and I came down to earth with a bump. The home I had been dreaming about was dirty, unfinished and I didn’t know how anything worked (including the locks as only 2 keys had been left!).

This whole process really made me think about the handover process to new build customers and the service they receive directly after that.

My list of desires on the day of completion were the same as any customer buying a home:

  • For it to be properly finished and clean
  • For it to be clear how things worked
  • For there to be keys, that worked, and more than one set of them
  • For there to be someone for me to easily and quickly contact if I had any queries or concerns

Home is more important than ever right now. We spend more time there than ever and we want to feel it’s the most special purchase we’ve made.

Are your handover and aftercare processes robust, documented and tested? Are your customers happy when they move in? how do you know that?

We can help you improve this process and in turn improve customer satisfaction, get in touch to find out more.

In the meantime I’ll go back to scrubbing walls….