experience is everything
We’re no ordinary property marketing company. We’re content creators, strategy superstars, devilishly clever developers and designers, and of course, marketing demigods.

We’ve been building brilliant property brands (plus others) for 28 years and counting.

We have the expertise, insight and general awesomeness to deliver exceptional experiences across every format.

We dive-deep. We shake things up. We dream big. We bring results. 

Our Values


We care about your success, the way we work together and what we can deliver for you. We care about being honest, open and human. We care enough to keep our promises. No lip service. You can trust us to do what we say, supporting you every step of the way.


We’re only performing at our best if we’re helping you do the same. That’s why we’re committed to owning any problems and delivering effective, efficient solutions. To respecting you as a company, and as people. To being grateful for the work you trust us with.


Collaboration is key to the CASTOLOGY experience. Without great communication and sharing ideas, where would we be? We work for you and with you, approaching every project with energy, drive, determination and the enthusiasm to make a difference.


We’re creative, insightful and innovative – in design, strategy and delivery. We’re ambitious, crafting inspired ideas that leave lasting impressions and tangible improvements. We’re forward-thinking, challenging and passionate about the work we produce.

Customer Focused

Our customer-focused approach is two-fold. A focus on delivering exquisitely engineered property marketing solutions for you, designed around the needs of your own customers. As a bonus, we also suggest wider business strategies to benefit your brand.

Our People

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The Castologists

Behind every recommendation, every concept and every piece of content is our rather spectacular team. They rock. Really. We (and you) couldn’t do without them.

On-brand with our overall uniqueness, we’ve christened our team ‘the Castologists’. We like it. It’s nifty.

It’s not easy to contextualise exactly what our Castologists do. It’s a kind of magic. Creative alchemy.

Taking you from A-B via routes you never considered.

Our team deliver such well-informed solutions that you’ll wonder how they could have such a detailed grasp of your business, your audience and the opportunities just waiting to be seized.

But this magic can’t be conjured from nothing. It’s a glittering package backed by (pseudo) science. By data, insight and analysis. By research. By smart thinking. By cleverly crafted consultation.

With our collaborative approach to every strategy and campaign, you get direct expert support across just about every element of property marketing and brand development you could need. We make things happen. Good things. And we have the track record to prove it.

Whether you need support for the bits you can’t do, the bits you don’t want to do, or the bits you don’t have the time to do, we have the right marketing specialist or consultant to take the pain away.

Just tell us what you need, and as if by magic, it shall be done.

On time. To an almost obscenely high quality. And to outstanding results.

Making the magic happen…

Think for a moment, if you will, about cake. It’s great isn’t it? But it’s only as good as the sum of its core ingredients. A bit like a brand, or a campaign. Sort of. Just go with us here.

The Castology experience is one hell of a tasty treat, with a shiny, juicy cherry on top. A mix of high quality property marketing and content services, with the extra bonus of bespoke consultation from industry-savvy experts. We’d love to serve you up a slice of these goodies. Ahem. Anyway…

Here are the vital components that make up our magical marketing and consultancy services. You don’t have to add them all into your tailored recipe, but the more you add, the sweeter the result.

Andy Watts

The Boss

James Hamer

The ideas man

Craig Knowles

The project man

Calum Higginbottom

The digital delivery

Felicity Gentle

The chief consultant

Warren Langler-Watts

The design master

Gareth Williams

The design master

Tony Seeley

The design master

Graham Beetham

The production guy

Lee Moulsdale

The creative producer

Louise Turner

The chief storyteller

Laura Silcock

The chief writer

Andy Watts

The Professor

Our MD has provided myriad marketing services to the housing and private residential sector for over 25 years. As a result, he’s also built an impressive network of partnerships across sales, legal, property management and more.

07713 611 296

James Hamer

The Scientist

Aka Mr Ideas Man, James has a strong reputation for his creative ideas, strategic thinking and delivering outstanding work. His passion for property and ability to create campaigns is pretty much magical, with no stone left unturned.

07792 670 490

Craig Knowles

The Process Master

A qualified marketing professional for over 17 years, Craig delivered marketing led services to sectors such as FMCG, B2B and B2C, before turning his substantial skills to the private and affordable housing sector around 10 years ago – we’re glad he did.

078436 70000

Calum Higginbottom

The Technician

A classically trained chef who’s as creative at Cast as he is in the kitchen, Calum has played a pivotal role in many social media campaign – including an award winner. His sense of pride in crafting exquisitely engaging content makes him a winner to us every day.

0794 4541115

Felicity Gentle

The Analyst

Managing annual sales programmes to the sweet tune of £35m PA as Optivo’s Sales & Marketing Director is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Felicity’s 15+ years of sector experience. Her knowledge of resales and staircasing is unbelievable.

07941 074616